"Mr. Grey will see you now."


For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography presents a "Beyond Boudoir" Expereicence...

A Fifty Shades of Grey themed photoshoot.

A sexy hotel room, a drink or a few, music, you & your own Mr. Grey.

It is more than just photos... 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

JW Marriott - Downtown Indianapolis


Don't be mistaken, this is an exclusive, invite only, discrete experience.  You’ve been chosen specifically because you're perfect for this encounter.  You want this.  You need this.

And we want you.


You've read the book, you may even have your tickets for movie that opens February 14th


But FUCK Valentine's Day… this event is for YOU!


It’s “Beyond Boudoir”


Trust me – We aim to please.


We believe you will be with not just the HOT photos, but the entire experience.


You won't see this event mentioned or posted on social media or the website.

And you won't see your images posted either - Unless, of course, you insist.


And please, keep your invite a complete secret.  Only a few select individuals were selected, and we don't want those that weren't to be envious.


If you have someone you think would love this experience as well, let us know, and we will contact them directly.

Laters, Baby
30 min Shoot
5 sexy photos


Flirty & Suductive.  He in a suit, you in a dress... a drink or two later a little bit less.




For a peak at photo examples...

Click below

The Contract
60 min Shoot
10 seductive photos


Wanting more? Give in and do what you desire.  Don't hold back, we'll turn the heat up a little higher.




For a peak at photo examples...

Click below

The Red Room
90 min Shoot
15 steamy photos


.  Express your dominant or submissive side, or both. A little less class, a bit more ass.




For a peak at photo examples...

Click below

You. Are. Mine.

Choose Your Experience...

Expect This. And More.

Crazy In Love - Haunted - Beyoncé
00:00 / 00:00

Jordan "Mr. Grey" is 27. He's Single. He knows what he is doing. He'll do just fine.


So...What's he like?

$100 non-refundable deposit for For Your Eyes Photography's "Beyond Boudoir" Fifty Shades of Grey Experience. For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography reserves the right to reschedule the event due to unsafe driving weather conditions or any other unforeseen emergency. 







Now it's time to imagine, or fantasize, what type of images you want to capture.


If you have a Pinterest profile...


  • Follow the For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography Pinterest Profile.

  • Create a secret board. 

  • Inivte For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography to view your secret board.

  • This will give us a better idea of the types of images you like and want.

  • We will have it on hand during to shoot to use as reference, if needed


Feel free to email photos you see or ideas you have,

or just come to the shoot and put yourself in good hands.

Tell us what you want...




No, seriously.  Click on Here above and answer a few questions.



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